What is the Single Biggest Key to Success
From all our surveys and research, the most common answer to this is Following Through. All the top acheivers are aware of this and adhere to it.  

WHAT IS IT: Our training here gives you actionable tools to use in any situation to give you the structure and confidence so, you can present effectively in front of recruiters, investors or boards.

Neuro Programming wise -  most things unless more complex need 7-10 iterations before it can become ingrained in the mind, and become semi autonomous.  So fundamental to it becoming a habit and a skill is to practice it every day.  This course breaks down the science behind it and gives you some invaluable advice on why this is critical to your success.
To be the elite you have to use this key concept and apply singular focus on whatever your goal is.


  • People looking for success in their lives.
  • To acheive success, this ingredient has to be the mainstay of your success formula.
  • What does it mean, and how you can apply it to your career, your business and personal life.


  • What is the key to success.
  • Understand why it is so important and powerful 
  • Have a way to apply it to your life to bring you success like the Elite

HOW IS IT DELIVERED: Each module differs but will use a combination of the following course content: videos, to introduce and guide you through the module's concepts. Exercises to help you plan & apply what you have learnt and very importantly track your progress. Written content to reinforce what you have learnt.

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