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  1. Happiness as a Standard
    10 Mar, 2016
    Happiness as a Standard
    I followed the Dalai Lama for 17 years before coming back to Thailand to be Head Monk at Wat Brenapoonlok Here is a guided meditation app (yes even we monks own smartphones) which is quick and practical because they are 10 mins long. Guided_Journey_Meditation app Stay Joyous and enlightened O Boonjappadir
  2. Repetition , Repetition, Repetition
    26 Dec, 2015
    Repetition , Repetition, Repetition
    Okay Elite Percent talks alot about techniques, systems to get ahead and join the top echelons of your respective field but a fundamental trait of any successful person is their tenacity to keep going and master something by putting in the time and practice.   1. It takes reps and sets: Schwarzenegger, Mr Universe at the age  of  20 applied his bodybuilding philosophy to every activity he went onto dominate, his hollywood acting career where he became the highest paid actor in 2003 and becoming

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