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  1. Control people with your words so they do what you want
    04 Apr, 2019
    Control people with your words so they do what you want
    One of your biggest frustrations has to be , you explain something, but the listener is not convinced or does not agree. This is a complex area, often overwritten and overcomplicated. So my aim is to keep this short and very precise so that you can put these into practice: Essential technique 1: the Nod technique. say something logical that they simply cannot disagree with. This gets the initial all important nod and starts the neuro programming of agreement in the listener. Continue with
  2. how to give an amazing sales presentation
    15 Feb, 2019
    The Biggest Pitch of Your Life
    Pitch Perfect   Pitching is something we all have to do. To get a raise, sell your product, sell yourself. So why go into it with zero training? Any of you feel unsure when you are in front of your target. And when I say target it could be your customer, but equally it could be your new hire, an investor or someone you are trying to woo.Does anybody still use that word. Oh Mr Darcy stop trying to woo little Abigail. What I'm trying to say, is pitching is so prevalent and necessary in your
  3. eat healthily and avoid things that are dangerous to your health.
    11 Jan, 2019
    The biggest dangers to your health. Staying Healthy and Disease-free
    In this article, we will cover some of the scientific discoveries related to food, the problems and the shocking impact of modern diets and stresses on our bodies. Let's start with the concept of disease and what makes you ill. "Disease" is a word made up from simply "dis" + "ease" so your body no longer being at "ease" or unbalanced and uncomfortable.
  4. How color influences people
    11 Jun, 2018
    The Science of Color and how it Influences People
    What colors are best for which situation. If you could subconsciously influence people with the color you are wearing would it help your life? So color and the science of color is something we will explore in this blog to try to give you some valuable insight into how "colour" or "color" depending on how your English teacher taught you, can impact your daily life and how your brain reacts. From scientific studies we know that certain colors embolden the psyche but others can inhibit

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