Elite Mastery Course
Elite Percent will help you achieve your true potential. We will give you the knowledge and training to achieve absolute abundance in your field. We genuinely believe in the potential of everyone out there but often this is untapped. Laying dormant because we haven't the mindset, the drive or the skill set to tap into this latent brilliance.

Elite percentages are what make the difference between someone at a good level and someone who stands out as an Elite achiever and mastery in their respective fields.

We don't just want to be experts in our chosen field or in our personal lives, we want to be the ELITE. This doesn't come easy, it's about having the determination to work smarter (not necessarily harder) and following through on the courses so that you put into practice what we show you.

You've all seen them; the serial personal development junkie who goes from one coaching course to another never finding fulfilment or success , one because the courses are not practical and do not give easy to follow digestible tips to follow, and two because they do not follow through on anything they have been shown. 

List of Modules:
Finding and Fulfilling your Purpose
Happy ever After
Social Contribution
Time and Energy Management
Mastering Brand and reputation Marketing
The Best platforms for your brand
Negotiation Mastery
Pitch for your life
Power up your Charisma
Creating Strong and long lasting relationships
Sales Mastery
Creating Abundance
Free Yourself from the 9-5
Mastering Social Marketing
Learn the secrets to success on Amazon across several countries
Following through is the key to success
Be a productivity Beast
Shortcuts to Promotions and Pay rises
Ultimate Job Satisfaction

  1. Feb, 2017 NY, USA
    "this course is practical, simple and I believe it has to be your priority to read, and use. Entrepreneurship doesn't come with a parachute. Make your investment now by spending the next few hours reading this course taking notes and applying the lessons. This will be the best way to ensure success" - Wall street Journal
  2. Nov 2016 Washington USA
    "Andrew gets this, and he is definitely one person qualified to give you the kind of powerful and pragmatic information that you can use and that WILL impact your life." Geoffrey C , Washington
  3. Sept 2016 Chicago, USA
    "Yes - Elite Percent give you the toolkit to improve every facet of your life, through their own research or the experiences of leading practitioners in each field. In areas like business start-ups, testing the market, expanding globally and online, customer services, marketing, referrals and branding, breaking bad habits, time management, team building all good stuff that will make your personal and business life better. After following the course on entrepreneurship, I feel I have such clear direction now for my business but equally in other essential areas of my life. " Julie S, Chicago

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