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The premier club for personal and professional development to ensure you achieve abundance in your chosen field. Our aim is to improve EVERY aspect of the lives of our members, Financial, Business, Relationships, Careers & Time.
 All whilst contributing to  research for cancer cures as 20% of course sales go to the Cancer Research Charity.
We Support Cancer Research

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  1. Repetition , Repetition, Repetition
    26 Dec, 2015
    Repetition , Repetition, Repetition
    Okay Elite Percent talks alot about techniques, systems to get ahead and join the top echelons of your respective field but a fundamental trait of any successful person is their tenacity to keep going and master something by putting in the time and practice.   1. It takes reps and sets: Schwarzenegger, Mr Universe at the age  of  20 applied his bodybuilding philosophy to every activity he went onto dominate, his hollywood acting career where he became the highest paid actor in 2003 and becoming
  2. Six Great Tips to master your blog posts
    03 Sep, 2015
    Six Great Tips to master your blog posts
    Many website owners have learned that keeping content fresh keeps visitors returning, a Blog therefore is one of our greatest marketing assets. Giving your visitors good content every day or every week can be very difficult, the tips below will help you write content and say the right sort of things. Take the first steps towards writing your own professional blog It’s likely you will use it to communicate with your website visitors about your website topic. You may wish to tell visitors about

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